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“Oxford Website Design Solutions are very professional, very helpful and very supportive. They listen to what we asked and delivered in a timely manner”

Kate Teasdale – Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

In 2012 responsive website design took hold and it is clear that in 2013 it is becoming mainstream. Oxford Website Design Solutions use the latest design techniques to provide your business with a future-proof digital marketing communication. By using key design elements to create unique online and mobile experiences. Each design is created to target towards specific customers and behaviors. When I design for the web I also take mobile phones and tables into consideration as a standard.

Website Design is not just about designing for desktop and mobile. Market requirements are much more diverse and we now design for desktop, mobile, TV, Xbox and more.

We design websites using HTML5 code and as Flash is slowly being pushed to the sidelines as a result of the unstoppable rise of tables in the marketplace. HTML5 is here to stay and as it evolves, so will our use of the code in our website design templates.

OWDS is part of Oxford Website Design Solutions Limited

Website Design and Development Process

Research Phase


Research Phase

Understanding your business requirements

  • Discovery.
  • Needs.
  • Goals.

We begin each project with a research phase. We interview you to learn about your business, your needs and goals. We conduct research to analyze your target audience and look at competitors in your field.

We look to understand your company’s position, trends in your industry, and the outcome from our project together.

Planning Phase

Plaining a website

Planning Phase

Information architecture, usability, interface design, marketing strategy, and a website development

  • Design concepts.
  • Features.
  • Marketing strategies.

We decide design concepts, features, and marketing strategies that are needed to achieve your goals. To complete the planning phase, we us a number of elements, information architecture, usability, interface design, marketing strategy, and a website development.

We create wireframes, to layout interface elements. Your website sitemap and features specification are written. We create a marketing strategy and reach a conclusion of the planning phase. You will receive a comprehensive blue print detailing the process of your project.

Design Phase

Planning a website

Design Phase

Ensuring every screen is working to best suit

  • User interface.
  • User interaction.
  • 2D mockups.

We design a unique user interface for you. Each step of the user interaction is taken into consideration, ensuring every screen is working to best suit the goals we have set during the planning process.

The design phase concludes with a collection of 2D mockups corresponding to various elements of your project.

Development Phase


Development Phase

Development concludes with test of your project and its launch

  • Working pages.
  • Standards-compliant code.
  • Reliably and securety.

The 2D design mockups are turned into working pages. We us standards-compliant code and the latest programming techniques to ensure your project is built reliably and securely. Development concludes with test of your project and its launch.

Optimisation Phase


Optimisation Phase

Analyze and report on your web property’s performance

  • Monitor.
  • Analyse.
  • Report.

We monitor, analyze and report on your web property’s performance, finding ways to increase exposure to your target audience and better achieve your goals.

All techniques at our disposal, including Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, and Conversion Optimization too suit your needs.

With over 20 years in design, Oxford Web Design Solutions and the Oxford Design Development Company have delivered the maximum return on investment for our client’s design and Internet marketing programs.

We continually improve results by testing and tracking every aspect of a projects, serving UK businesses and charities with Logo Design, graphic design, Web Site Design, eCommerce, Database Driven web sites, Branding, PHP & MySQL coding, Database Integration web sites and Content Management Systems.

Website Design & Development Services

Design is the first stage of any good website. Many different aspects are taken into consideration from the very beginning. Good design doesn’t have to be cluttered, over worked or complicated.

  • web designs
  • Double layer Security
  • Spam protected contact / enquiry forms
  • Expandable websites
  • Expert technical support
  • Content management System / CMS
  • Advanced javascript functionality
  • Image galleries
  • Embedded video support
  • Audio player support
  • And much more…

Our design platform of choice is WordPress. WordPress has become the web design platform of choice throughout the world. It is the suggested choice of many successful businesses that wish to have the very best in affordability and flexibility.

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Oxford Website Design Solutions can create an ecommerce system tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Access to a global market, the Internet allows businesses access to a huge market of potential customers worldwide.
  • Cutting out the middleman, businesses can sell directly to end-users.
  • A level playing field, a small business can show itself to be as professional and credible as its larger competitors.
  • 24-hour business with a website that accepts payments online; you are always open for business to customers even if your office is closed.
  • Greater customer satisfaction, an e-commerce website can be a powerful tool in building customer loyalty.

Reduced marketing costs, ‘word of mouth’ can be incredibly powerful on the web through e-mail recommendations and search engine ratings. You can achieve a great deal through organic growth by treating customers well, keeping them informed about your activities and benchmarking yourself against competitors.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO search optimisation) is the process of editing and organizing the content on a web page or across a website to increase its potential relevance to specific keywords on specific search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process by which a web presence is adjusted and refined in order to bring better rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

We believe that the best way for a business or organisation to get first page search results with the major search engines is to implement a carefully developed and comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation campaign to help transform their online profile.

We believe that a multi-faceted approach to SEO is needed to produce the best search ranking results for our clients, which is why we offer a huge range of SEO services which complement each other and work together to bring increased, targeted traffic to your website. Attracting more of the right kind of traffic through an expertly devised Search Engine Optimisation strategy can revolutionise your business, bringing an excellent return on investment.

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